Age of Worms

The Three Faces of Evil session 1
The Dourstone Mine

Leaving to investigate the mine the night of speaking with Balabar Smenk, Silver and Jack get a lay of the land, but don’t get much detail until the next day. That’s when Silver goes back on his own and discovers there are guards at the gate, along with 2 patrols of four guards along the wall. Backing them up is another pair of guards at the tower overlooking the yard of Dourstone mine.

That day, the rest of the group goes around Diamond Lake trying to get information on a possible cult in the area. While they don’t get concrete evidence, they do learn about movements of tieflings at the mine, tieflings who are not otherwise seen in town.

Asherr, Silver and Jack decide to infiltrate the mine by posing as people looking for work. They get hired easily, with Gerreld the mine supervisor stating they’ve lost many workers lately. The trio asks if there are other spots open. Gerreld admits there are 3 more hires to make, which can be filled by a portion of their friends.

Silver decides to head back into Diamond Lake to get the others. Lux decides he won’t go, for his principles won’t allow him to work for a possible cultist. Silver also decides to stay behind to sneak around the outskirts of the mine.

Meanwhile, the others at the mine had begun working to clear the upper level of stone debris, joined by Ace, Alucard, and Moonwatcher later that day. Lux had decided to use his position to attempt to speak with Ragnolin Dourstone, using his knowledge of a possible threat in the mine as an inroad. He approaches Lordren, one of the mine supervisors eating at the Able Carter Coaching House and confesses to knowing about worms from within the earth putting the miners in danger. Lordren is stunned and takes Lux to speak with Dourstone at the mine. However, Lux is unconvincing when speaking with the dwarf, which gets him forcibly removed from the mine. His cries about dangers in the mine ring clear among the miners.

Lux is relaxing in his room at the Able Carter Coaching Inn when he is accosted by two tiefling warriors. They gain the better of him quickly and darkness overcomes him after being smashed by cultist flails.

When shifts switch that evening, Asherr and Moonwatcher decide to investigate the mine and find a tunnel leading deep into the hillside, while Ace begins to talk to the miners, preying on their worries and stoking anger against Dourstone. Jack sneaks into the administrative office to recover their weapons before heading out to Diamond Lake to more weapons. Alucard had done the same earlier and encounters Silver at the gate when returning. Silver was having problems coming in, as he did not accept work at the mine. As the gate closes behind Alucard, the miners within have reached a boiling point and pour out of mine, armed with their tools and storm the yard.

The team uses the riot as a distraction and enter the discovered tunnel. It leads far into the hillside before ending in a 15 by 15 foot platform held by a winch in the ceiling. This elevator can be manned by three individuals and taken further into the earth. They do so, lowering themselves 200 feet when discovering a large ritual area lit by torches. Some 60 feet away is a stone-lined pool overlooked by a tall ridge with 3 ledges over the pool itself.

The party struggles to combat 5 tiefling warriors guarding the room. Jack shifts among the shadows, rushing out to pierce the backs of the demon-touched figures, while Ace loses his tiara of Wisdom, reverting him to his simple, angry nature. Despite the heavy wounds inflicted by the tieflings, the team recovers in time to fell the warriors before any of the remaining members are lost. They decide to recover in the large area.

Meanwhile, Lux drifts towards the warmth of Al’Akbar, his kind and just god, but is roughly torn from it, awakening in a large, bright room decorated in an impressive way.

“Good morning,” says the dwarf sitting in a large chair nearby. Ragnolin Dourstone leans forward and smiles coldly.

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